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Shopping Notes

Thank you for loving the products in our store, we hope to bring you a full shopping experience! We provide a simple and safe shopping process, allowing you to fully enjoy the convenience of shopping

"Protect the rights and interests of both parties. Please read the rules of the store in detail before ordering. Ordering means 100% agreement with our trading rules."

In order to avoid any disputes and misunderstandings, thank you for your patience and cooperation


order process

Select products > Products added to shopping cart > Order checkout > fill in order information > send order > Order established > Waiting for the product to be delivered

Remarks: Customers must first authorize Facebook to access their mailbox before using the Facebook login function. If you have not authorized Facebook, please go to Facebook>>About>>Contact and Basic Information>>Email Receipt Verification

payment method

1. Online credit card swiping

2. LINE Pay

3. Supermarket pickup and payment

4. Supermarket pure pickup (payment required)

5. Supermarket payment code

6. Bank transfer (for the bulk purchase needs of companies, please contact customer service in advance)

Uniform invoice

All purchases are automatically issued and invoices are attached

If you need to issue a unified number on the invoice, please enter the unified number and title under the "Order Remarks" column during checkout, and indicate that the unified number is required

Delivery method and time

Our store has hundreds of square meters of warehouses, and all products are in stock: about 1 to 2 working days after the order is placed (not shipped on national holidays and holidays)

  1. Local home delivery - Use [Hsinchu Logistics] to deliver. In order to encourage you to make more use of it, we deliberately only charge 60 yuan for home delivery. The delivery time is about 1~2 working days (the delivery time is counted from the day after the goods are shipped, excluding delays caused by irresistible factors) (Hsinchu logistics will not pick up the package on the 6th day off)
  2. Supermarket Pickup - 7-11 and Family Mart. Because there is a volume limit for picking up goods at supermarkets, if you purchase multiple products at one time, resulting in a package that exceeds the acceptable range of the supermarket, the customer service will notify you to change it to home delivery. Shipping time is about 1-3 working days. Please note: If you use the supermarket pick-up delivery method but fail to pick up the goods within the time limit, you will be blacklisted on this site


As shown on the product details page, individual products may vary due to factors such as volume and weight

Order modification and cancellation

After the order is completed, if you need to modify the content/cancel the order, you need to notify the customer service to handle it for you. If your credit card payment fails due to a wrong input during payment, please place another order directly to purchase again. You don’t need to worry about the old payment failure order, because the system will automatically cancel the old payment failure order when the payment time limit is up.

Reservation of shipping rights clause

In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties and avoid misunderstandings caused by various reasons such as insufficient inventory/wrong price labeling/abuse of discounts/intent to purchase in large quantities and resell/irresistible factors, after receiving your order and payment, we will still Reserve the right to decide whether to accept the order and ship or not

Overdue did not pick up the goods

If the goods are not picked up within the time limit, the goods will be returned to the company, and the order will be automatically canceled and cannot be re-delivered, and the shipping fee, packaging materials and handling service fee of 80 yuan will be deducted from the refund. If you still need this item, please reorder again


[Limitation of Liability]

REMI does not guarantee that the product is suitable for any purpose, that is, it is not a specific purpose listed in the original product manual, and this limited warranty replaces all guarantees, warranties, conditions, Terms, promises and obligations (including warranties of merchantability), all such warranties are excluded to the extent permitted by law. There is no obligation to compensate product buyers or other third parties for other inevitable, indirect, and incidental losses caused by product defects, such as loss of income, loss of business investment, loss of goodwill, or obstacles to corporate relationships, etc. . REMI is not responsible for any damage or failure of other equipment caused by its own products.