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In Greek mythology, Narcissus is a handsome and beautiful boy. When he was born, the prophet predicted that if the child did not see himself, he would live a long life. One day, Narcissus went hunting in the forest and walked to the lake. His image was reflected on the water surface. He looked at his beauty obsessively, and since then he has become obsessed with himself in the water surface. He lay on the water's edge calling for his own reflection, day after day, even the beautiful Echo, who had a crush on him, couldn't attract his attention. Narcissus wallowed in the pain of not being able to love him until he was so emaciated that he fell into the water and died. At the edge of the water where he died, a magnificent flower, named Narcissus , reflected the surface of the water day and night.


Daffodil represents self-love, self-confidence and self-acceptance. The products we provide focus on natural ingredients to allow the skin to have natural maintenance, care and self-repair functions.

self love

Narcissism is our core concept, emphasizing the importance of self-love, encouraging people to learn to love and respect themselves, and to show their beauty and uniqueness.

Inspired by Narcissus, daffodils and narcissism, we convey messages of love, beauty and self-love through product design and brand storytelling. Encourage people to learn to love themselves, respect themselves, and show their uniqueness and beauty. At the same time, people can enjoy the beauty effects brought by natural and safe maintenance products.