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return policy

Return Notice


(1) The product to be returned must be restored to its original state (return to the original state when the product arrives) and the complete packaging (including the product body, accessories, gifts, guarantee, original packaging and the integrity of all accompanying documents or materials) must be maintained. Do not miss any accessories or damage the original box.

(2) If the original packaging is lost, a refurbishment fee of 30% of the selling price will be charged, so please consider carefully before placing an order.

(3) If you want to return the product, please pack it completely in a carton to avoid affecting your right to return the product or paying the damage fee due to damage to the product during the logistics and delivery process.

(4) shopping gold / discount coupon / Bonus points/VIP benefits cannot be returned after use, and will not be returned if the order is returned or canceled in the future. Please pay attention to the instructions for using discount coupons.

(5) If you apply for a return in the name of a product defect, and the product is confirmed to be free of defects, the return will not be approved; due to doubts about integrity, if the above situation occurs, the member may refuse to trade or permanently cancel the membership. Please Be sure to pay attention.

(6) If there is a large number of returns and exchanges by members, which causes operational troubles, the company will reject the transaction or permanently cancel the membership of the member according to the situation. Please pay attention.

Remind you: According to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law , you can enjoy the right to wait for 7 days from the date of delivery of the goods. However, the hesitation period is not a trial period, and the product cannot be returned if it is unpacked.

Return and Exchange Process Description


(1) Please leave us a message on the page of this website or leave a message directly in the order form, or contact us through our LINE official account (Note, the editors on FACEBOOK and IG pages will not know the order and cannot handle returns and exchanges for you).

(2) Log in to the official website → enter the order → click to view the order that needs to be returned or returned → "contact customer service" in the store communication column in the "bottom right corner".

(3) Be sure to write down the reason for return or exchange in detail.

(4) We sincerely thank customers for choosing this product, and we will never ignore the after-sales service, and will definitely deal with it for you as soon as possible. If you encounter a large order quantity, please wait patiently for customer service to contact you, don't worry.

The return and exchange conditions for "product defect" and "hope for exchange" within seven days of receiving the product are as follows

A) Commodity defects (such as defective products): Respond within seven days → need to provide defective photos → complete packaging → complete accessories and invoices → full refund or exchange (Ruimi will be responsible for the shipping fee if the product itself is defective)

B) Want to exchange the product (such as buying the wrong product): Respond within seven days → the product is not used → brand new and complete packaging → accessories and invoices are complete → refund or exchange (if there is no problem with the product itself, the shipping fee must be paid by yourself, and the shipping fee will not be refunded )

The above needs to be sent back to the complete product and invoice first (the product must be sent back with the order number, name and phone number )

Refund method: 1) If the purchase is made by credit card, the credit card will be refunded. 2) If you pick up the goods at the supermarket, please provide the bank account number for us to remit



(1) Please do not abandon the order without receiving the goods. If you have any questions, please communicate with the customer service. Please be considerate, otherwise you will be blacklisted.

(2) Our store has 7 days "hesitation period", within 7 days from the day after receiving the product ( Including holidays), customers can return or exchange the product if they are not satisfied after receiving the product. For details, please refer to the return and exchange instructions.

(3) Do not listen to "agreed account installment payment" or "change transfer account number" and do not accept "telephone control ATM" in case of fraudulent calls ! please dial 165 Anti-fraud declaration !!

(4) Our store reserves the right to accept/cancel the order. If your order cannot be accepted due to incorrect transaction conditions or other circumstances, we will notify you by email/telephone union. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[Return and Exchange Instructions Details]


According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, please pay attention to the following return and exchange information:

1. In accordance with Article 19, Paragraph 2 of the Consumer Protection Law and the applicable criteria for reasonable exceptions to the right to terminate communication transactions announced by the Executive Yuan, our store does not provide a seven-day hesitation period for the application of the Consumer Protection Law for the following products:

(1) The commodity is perishable, has a short shelf life, or is about to expire when the contract is terminated. Because it is easy to deteriorate quickly, the shelf life is less than seven days, or even slightly longer than seven days, but it will expire when the contract is terminated, so it is not suitable to return it for sale.

(2) Customized products according to your requirements. Because you have sufficient information and time to choose whether to conduct this transaction.

(3) Newspapers, periodicals or magazines. Such publications are therefore time-sensitive.

(4) Audio-visual products or computer software that have been unpacked by you.

(5) Digital content that is not provided in tangible media or online services that are completed once provided, shall only be provided with your prior consent.

(6) Unpacked personal hygiene products.

(7) International air passenger transport services. Such as: air tickets, etc.

(8) Commodities or services that have been announced by the competent authority in accordance with Article 17, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Law, which shall and shall not be recorded in the finalized contract. Such as: tickets for art exhibitions, travel and accommodation tickets, etc.

2. If the goods are not listed in the previous article, the store provides the right to hesitate for seven days after receiving the goods. Within seven days after you receive the product, if you do not want to buy the received product, please notify us, and the customer service staff will immediately handle the return for you.

3. After you receive the goods, please confirm the goods you ordered as soon as possible. If the goods are damaged or scratched due to non-human factors, or the packaging is damaged or incomplete during transportation, please notify us as soon as possible. The company's customer service staff, we will conduct product defect or damage identification, and replace you with a new product as soon as possible.

4. If you need to return or exchange goods, please notify us and provide the following information:

(1) Order number

(2) Name and contact number, and E-mail address

(3) Reasons for returns and exchanges

5. When you want to return the goods, according to the provisions of the civil law, you and the company should be mutually responsible for the cancellation of the transaction and the restoration of the original state. Therefore:

(1) Please keep the product in a new state, and please ensure that there are no omissions in the main product, user manual, registration reply letter, peripheral parts, invoices, related accessories, etc., and return them together with the original packaging, so that the company can help you Process refunds.

(2) If the product is damaged, worn, scratched, dirty, or incompletely packaged due to human factors such as improper use, disassembly, etc., resulting in incomplete return, the company will recover the original form from you Fees, or ask you for the price of the goods in proportion to the state of preservation of the goods.